The Tools You Need to Build a Sustainable Campus Ministry

  • How to lead others and leverage teams or networks? 
  • How to write a strategic "friend-raising plan"?
  • How to best garner support and momentum?  
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6 Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue Without Stressing Your Leaders

Best strategies for leading others, board, networks, as well as partners to maximize funding journey and goals without stressing your leaders.

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Creating a Strategic "Friend-Raising" Plan

People don't give to causes, people give to people. Discovering key steps in developing a strategic plan that builds relationships, leverages social capital and builds "friends" toward your funding goals.

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Mastering Your Story

Crafting a compelling story, and sharing impact are the best ways to garner friends, who will eventually become donors, funders, or givers. Explore the elements of your compelling narrative, while discovering the various ways to share it-from grants to groups.

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