Maximize Your Mindset, Master your Message, and Increase Revenue for Your Nonprofit or Small Business

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Are you Ready for the UNFAIR Advantage That Your Competitors Will Never Be Able to Catch Up With 

No, I’m not talking about the latest business opportunity, a cutting-edge Facebook ads strategy… Or a new piece of software.

What I’m talking about is a genuine, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to…for you to become the highest version of you!

Get the PRICELESS, hands-on mentorship from high-level professionals

That includes…

  • MULTIPLE private calls per week… Where we will roll up our sleeves and work with you on your nonprofit and business strategy
  • UNLIMITED daily support via messenger... Where virtually *nothing* is off-limits. We’ll help support you in the running & growth of your nonprofit and business (and are around whenever you need anything at all)...
  • IN-PERSON events and get-togethers… So we can sit together, shoulder-to-shoulder, to do whatever it takes to get your nonprofit or small business to the next level (while being conscious of COVID-19 & keeping you safe with the highest cleaning standards & practices)...
  • ​UNRESTRICTED access to resources and connections… Whether you want to hire a freelancer or templates that can help your systems to thrive

… And so much more -- that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

The program is called “The Master’s Mind” - and you’ll have a chance to grab one of the 20 spots if you move fast!

But first, let’s take a moment and think about this question…

What Would It Be Like to Have High Level Professionals at Your Disposal 24/7/365?


Just imagine if you could have Nathalie Nelson Parker personally walk you through the exact systems and connect you with a network of high level nonprofit and small business leaders who have reached millions of people online and around the world… 


What would it mean if you never had to lead alone, and your network instantly grew overnight - introducing you to  A-list entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders who are dominating in their lanes?


The Master’s Mind is an inner circle to help you build a robust system to better market your nonprofit or small business, position your messaging to attract your ideal client or funder, and develop systems and strategies to generate leads and income on autopilot, while you sleep…

  • All while maximizing your mindset and deepening your leadership capabilities
  • Revealing the secrets and pointing out the mistakes you should NEVER make
  • Answering ANY questions that might pop up in the process
  • And actually WORKING with you in your nonprofit and business, shoulder-to-shoulder

This Isn’t Just Another “Mastermind”... This is the Master’s Mind, It’s a Unique, New Experience For Growth, Community, and High Levels of Execution

You see, most masterminds are nothing more than social groups for nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs...


You pay ridiculous amounts of money to get in the room with super successful people, hoping that you’ll leave with groundbreaking insights…


But, you quickly realize that they’ve got their own agendas…


And that, if we are being completely honest, they couldn’t care less about helping YOU grow personally, or professionally- in your nonprofit or business.


Sure, everyone will be super nice to you and you’ll leave with great memories and maybe even some useful contacts…


But, you will NOT get anyone ready to roll up their sleeves and actually help you - because that’s not why they’re there.


Long story short…

THAT IS NOT ME. It is my passion, my purpose, and my pleasure to give a handful of nonprofit and small business leaders the help and advantage they need to structure, grow, and thrive in their nonprofit and small business.


And we’ve created just that for you.

Want Proof? Here’s What People Who Have Been A Part of Our Inner Circle Had to Say…

You see, our Master’s Mind Inner Circle, will give you the unique opportunity and blessing to grow this virtual & in-person mastermind to make it better year after year.

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The Master’s Mind Inner Circle and instructional Program includes

  1. 6 Live Coaching Sessions
  2. Weekly Accountability and Mastermind Calls with A-List professionals 
  3. 1 -hour VIP shoulder to shoulder strategy session
  4. Exclusive In person Professional Develop Retreat (travel and accommodations not included)
  5. PDF Downloadable Worksheets and templates
  6. 24 Access to coaches via text
  7. An online community of diverse professionals
  8. Bonus: Access to The Art of Securing the Grant) 

The total value for the Master's Mind Inner Circle is $6,667. The Investment for this Program is discounted to $1,997 for early course members until March 4th.

Sessions will begin May 3rd. Exclusive VIP Retreat TBA (travel and accommodations not included)

If you’re lucky enough to secure one of the 20 spots inside The Master’s Mind then congratulations, you’re in for an amazing 2022...

I look forward to seeing you inside!



"This course has helped to think about leadership outside of the box, to focus on my individual students and their individual gifts."

Katie Stubberfield-Woodard

"I've 10x my investment since working with Nathalie. She is not only inspiring, but you also get a coach and community that will help you step outside of your comfort zone to reach your funding goals."

Tiiara Turner
New Beauty Within, Inc

"Nathalie Nelson Parker is a dynamic leader, educator and author. She has never been one to shy away from new and unchartered territories. She possesses spiritual discipline, educational preparation and experience, which she combines to galvanize a movements across the country."

Dr. Fred Allen
Executive Director of Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century

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