Discover How to Maximize Your Message, Engage Students, and Raise Funds for Your Ministry To Finance Your Organizations' Mission

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Hey, I want to ask you a few questions.

Are you tired of leading alone?
Are you frustrated because your campus ministry is not growing or operating at its fullest potential?
Are you a campus minister that is looking for more support to develop transformational leaders and scale your campus impact?

Well, I get it! As a Program Coordinator I created a national network of over 25 campus ministries that touches the lives of hundreds of young adults across the country.


Well, my name is Nathalie Nelson Parker and I was born in Queens, New York to two loving parents who migrated from Jamaica.

I'm not a stranger to hard work and dedication. My journey began as an exemplary student graduating with honors from Adelphi University and Columbia University.

After leaving a 6-figure job to answer the call to full-time ministry, people thought I was crazy!

Why would you leave guaranteed salary money, to now work in "The Ministry"?
Within 3 years my husband, Leon F. Parker, III and I were able to start a consulting business, begin national initiatives, and raise multiple 6-figures in grant funding to help leaders develop and empower their communities.

That's pretty cool, right?

But to be Honest, It Wasn't Always Like this...

There was a moment in our ministry where we were nervous, concerned and fearful on how we were going to build a national ministry for young adults, a population of the church often underserved and under-resourced.

My husband taught me everything he learned about Grant writing, I researched the right resources, and then I began to put things into action....

...and thanks be to God, we went from new ministry to a successful national ministry in a few years. From no young adult ministry to a national network that consists of HBCUs, colleges, seminaries, local churches and agencies from all over the US.

I discovered the secrets to maximize our message, secure grants, and develop transformational leaders. I want to help you do the same.

I want to show you my proven strategies on how to:

  • Maximize your message so you can increase student engagement
  • Learn the art of grant writing so you can increase funding
  • Create more exciting events so you can scale your ministries growth and develop transformational leaders to sustain your ministry

In The Master’s Mind Group Coaching and instructional program, I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and templates from my proven strategies of LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, and TRANSFORMATION that will help you grow a stronger, more vibrant, and flourishing ministry for young people.

Whether you’re new to campus ministry, are seeking to excite your campus work, or haven’t even started on your campus ministry idea, I’ll be your guide and coach on the journey.

Enroll Today and Discover How to Maximize Your Message, Engage Students, and Raise Funds for Your Ministry To Finance Your Organizations' Mission

This 6-week group coaching and instructional program will help you:
Discover where to look and find grants that support your cause
Learn the secrets that hinder every non-profit and ministry when developing transformational leaders
Discover how to write grants that get your cause or mission discovered

This program is designed for Church Leaders, Campus Leaders and Non-Profit Organizations that are seeking to engage young adults on college campuses.

The Master’s Mind Group Coaching and instructional Program includes

  1. 6 x 2 Video Training Modules (The Transformational Leader and 
  2. PDF Downloadable Worksheets and templates
  3. 6 Group Coaching Calls
  4. An online community of diverse professionals
  5. Bonus: The Art of Securing the Grant) valued at $1,394
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Thanks for reading! The Investment for this Program is discounted (60% off) for early course members until December 4th.

Course Modules and Coaching Date sessions will begin January 7th, 2020.

If you’re lucky enough to secure one of the 100 spots inside The Master’s Mind then congratulations, you’re in for an amazing 2020...

I look forward to seeing you inside!



"This course has helped to think about leadership outside of the box, to focus on my individual students and their individual gifts."

Katie Stubberfield-Woodard

"Nathalie is an inspiring and gifted speaker who connects with students and faculty in a relevant way. We look forward to continuing to expose our student leaders to the various experiences, training, and programming the National Network of Young Adults offer HBCU’s under Nathalie’s leadership."

Kevin Kosh
Rust College

"Nathalie Nelson Parker is a dynamic leader, educator and author. She has never been one to shy away from new and unchartered territories. She possesses spiritual discipline, educational preparation and experience, which she combines to galvanize a movement of young adults across the country."

Dr. Fred Allen
Executive Director of Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century

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