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Prepare to embark on an inspiring journey through the captivating world of "I Love My Future HBCU" by renowned educator and author Nathalie Nelson Parker.

Dive into the pages of "I Love My Future HBCU: Teaching Children About Historically Black Colleges and Universities." This book is your passport to a realm where dreams take flight, education transforms lives, and the legacy of HBCUs shines brightly.


Key Benefit Of Our Book To Your Children 

Historical Awareness

This book explores HBCUs' history, engaging and aiding children's comprehension of their significance. Understanding HBCU challenges and victories offers insight into the important contributions of institutions of higher learning.

Inspirational Models

The book showcases the community of HBCUs across fields, inspiring children to pursue dreams through education's transformative power, fostering aspiration, confidence and self appreciation.

Cultural Appreciation

By sharing tales of rich legacy and relevance, this book enlightens children about HBCUs' cultural importance. I Love My Future HBCU inspires young learners to embrace diverse perspectives and embrace the fun adventure of discovery and learning.

About The Book Author 

Nathalie Nelson Parker, cares about the importance of life and learning. As an Educator, she holds an MA in Secondary English Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, an MDiv from Gammon Theological Seminary at The ITC and leverages her passion for education and spiritual teaching to equip and engage learners in holistic ways of being. Nathalie is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Civitas Consulting Group, Inc a firm that provides educational support services which encompass a variety of offerings designed to support educational institutions, teachers, and students. This may include curriculum development, teacher training, and enhance learning outcomes to promote student success. Over a decade, Nathalie has studied learner development. She authored books such as "I Love My Future HBCU" and "Starting from the Bottom," and "Transformation Starts with Me." Her impactful leadership extends to organizing national Conferences, and trainings for vast range of leaders in various contexts. Nathalie resides in Birmingham, AL with her husband and son.

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Our Testimonial Feedbacks 

Miss Marks-Adkins

"Such an important and cute book. I bought several copies and I plan to purchase more. I'm making gift bags for my son's birthday party and I want every child to have this book inside of their bag."

Cat Lionne

"Really good book for 4-8 year olds. It’s solely speaks on what an HBCU is it does not talk about the different HBCU’s." 



"This was given as a gift. Several people asked where it was purchased. Not the most information on the topic, but it will be added to the child's growing book collection."


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