Asset-Based Equity

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

After days of "What books should I read" from white associates, it became very clear to me, and my friends that a candid conversation was necessary. Let's be clear, when it comes to the massive social, emotional, economic, and political evils caused by systemic racism, a single book suggestion cannot and will not suffice.

Furthermore, white supremacist ideology is the basis for other "isms" we find in various contexts regardless of race, gender, or class. The bottom line is, in order to truly build a society that reflects God's Beloved Community, we must seek justice that is equitable and fair.

We must engage in transformational leadership frameworks to reshape our way of being and relating. This requires that:

1) You call out racism as evil.

2) Renounce it, in any form, any practice, and any system you find it.

3) Choose to check your privilege, and 

4) Do Your Own Homework and inner-work to live and be differently.

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